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Storm Rehabilitation is a nonprofit organization. It channels financial support to small innovative projects that aim to improve health care and services for people in vulnerable positions.

Fund Storm Rehabilitation (FSR) originates from the Storm Rehabilitation foundation, the former national knowledge and training centre for psychosocial rehabilitation and community care. After merging with RINO Groep in 2014, it was decided to use the accumulated capital goods of the foundation for idealistic purposes by means of a fund. The first project funded by FSR was launched in October 2015.


Fund Storm Rehabilitation aims to improve and innovate care and services for people with psychosocial disabilities, whether or not these relate to illness, trauma or marginalizing circumstances. The fund channels financial and moral support to projects that endorse these objectives and are based on the principles of the support approach, the model of psychosocial rehabilitation or the presence approach. Important features of these approaches are quality of life, empowerment, social participation and promoting this by personal support, effective professional care, advocacy and material and social resources.

The budget available to the fund is $ 100.000 annually. Approximately 75% of this amount is reserved for project funding in countries with low possibilities for fundraising. FSR has three categories of funding: development projects, research projects and publications. There is a maximum of $ 20.000 per application.

The board of Fund Storm Rehabilitation consists of five people with different functions in mental health care, research and education. Board meetings take place four times a year. The members of the board don’t receive payment.


Fund Storm Rehabilitation Fund (FSR) gives financial support for activities that aim to improve health care and services for people with psychiatric disabilities. The funding concerns a non-recurrent amount to facilitate a durable project with clear outcomes.

Does your project fit the objectives of FSR and is it based on the support approach, the model of psychosocial rehabilitation or the presence approach? Then you can apply by letter for financial support.

Required information
Applications can only be submitted by a recognized legal person and need to contain at least the following information:

  • Applicant details
  • Expected achievements of the project
  • A clear description of the project
  • An outline of why funding is required and details of the requested amount
  • Other funding sources that have been tried with regard to this project and the outcome of that

Application review

When the application has been received, first there will be a check whether there is sufficient information to assess the proposal. If necessary, supplementary information will be requested. A decision will be made on basis of the following criteria, the board of FSR will decide (within three months) whether funding is being granted:

The project fits the goal and objectives of FSR
The project intends to 1) improve practices, 2) do research of 3) produce publications.
The applicant is sufficiently reliable and respectable as appears from the submitted information or additionally obtained references (annual reports and good reputation can add to this).
The applicant has sufficiently outlined the benefits, necessity and (if possible) sustainable effect of the project.
The applicant has made sufficiently plausible that other financial resources are currently unavailable.
The applicant is able to finance at least 50% of the required budget by private means or third party funds.

In exceptional situations, some of the above-mentioned criteria can be passed over.

The applicant will be notified by letter of the result of the application within at most three months. In case the application is being approved, (a part of) the requested amount will be granted. 50% of this amount will be transferred at the start of the project, the other half will be transferred afterwards, on the condition that the project proceeded according to plan.


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